EZ Junk Removal: Hauling with a community-first mindset

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Ezra Zimmerman can haul anything.

From couches and TVs to pianos and safes, the owner of EZ Junk Removal has seen it all.

“We did an office clear out this year in Ridgefield where we hauled 11 loads,” said Zimmerman, who graduated from Ridgefield High School in 2007.

“We can also remove outdoor stuff, like tractors that are immobilized, or even sheds or other small structures,” he added. “We’re very knowledgeable and effective in demolition, and that’s very much part of the junking industry.”

Zimmerman estimates he could do as many as 14 dump runs in a day if each job was simple — hauling a dresser over to the Ridgefield Transfer Station or bringing a truckload of donated items to Goodwill.

But he enjoys the challenge of more complex jobs, like the multi-day office clean-outs, or removing furniture and boxes from a completely loaded attic or garage.

“We specialize at going into somebody’s house before it’s put on the market and helping them make progress decluttering their homes,” said Zimmerman, who also owns EZ Moving.

Most of all, he likes giving back to the community he grew up in. He’s organized volunteer clean-up days for local seniors.

“I’ve worked an office job before,” Zimmerman said. “You have a much higher sense of accomplishment doing what we do — helping people in need and giving back to the community we serve on a daily basis.”

For more information, contact EZ Junk Removal at 203-894-2005 or visit ezjunkct.com.