Dr. Scott Gray, Dr. Matthew Rogell join Somers Orthopedics in Ridgebury

Dr. F. Scott Gray and Dr. Matthew Rogell

Dr. F. Scott Gray and Dr. Matthew Rogell

Dr. F. Scott Gray and Dr. Matthew Rogell, who had a practice in Ridgefield for many years, have joined Somers Orthopedics and are working from the group’s office at 40 Ridgebury Road on the Ridgefield-Danbury line.

“We were partners with Connecticut Family Orthopedics, which was a practice in Danbury, and we had a Ridgefield office over 20 years,” said Dr. Gray.

Dr. Gray is longtime Ridgefield resident and foot and ankle specialist in addition to working in general orthopedics.

Dr. Rogell, who lives in Redding, has a specialty in sports medicine and joint replacement as well as general orthopedics.

Two and a half years ago, they closed their Ridgefield office in response to what Dr. Gray described as market forces, and began working from an office on Hospital Avenue in Danbury.

“A lot of Ridgefield patients wanted to know when are you coming back,” Dr. Gray said.

In April the two doctors joined Somers Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Group, with its office and outpatient surgical center on Ridgebury Road.

“Definitely our Ridgefield patients can much more easily get there,” Gray said..

Somers Orthopedics, which has five locations, is affiliated with New York University Hospital for Joint Diseases.