The generosity of people in Fairfield County seems to know no bounds. Nowhere was that more evident than on Feb. 27, Fairfield County Giving Day, a yearly, one-day online appeal by not-for-profit organizations to raise funds for special projects. Powered by Fairfield County’s Community Foundation and sponsored by Bank of America, not-for-profit groups, including Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center, vie for donations in a rapid-fire, speed-dating-like marathon that tests an organization’s creativity and the dedication of its donors.

Once again, our donors shone. This year we sought and successfully raised $4,000 for the restoration and period-appropriate framing of four paintings of the Keeler and Resseguie families. The oldest two paintings demonstrated so much wear that parts of the subjects’ clothing was obscured. A third painting was improperly framed. And the fourth painting — that of Betsy Keeler only recently donated to KTM&HC by two generous benefactors — had no frame at all.

Our goal was not only to raise money to properly repair and frame the paintings, but to reunite the family. We cannot help but believe our donors understood that deeper meaning and for that we cannot thank them enough.