Dog bite sends two Ridgefield residents to hospital

Two Silver Spring Lane residents were treated for dog bite wounds sustained inside their home and transported to Danbury Hospital Saturday, July 13.

Ridgefield Police Major Steven Brown confirmed the dog bite incident and the sustained injuries to The Press on Monday, July 15, but did not provide details about the two victims.

It was reported by first responders at the scene that the two people bitten were a mother and daughter who had been fighting that morning. First responders also said that the family dog bit the daughter, and that she suffered serious injuries.

Animal Control Officer Kris Zulkeski did not know what type of dog it was that bit the two people and what action would be taken against the animal.

“I know for dog bites in general they’re quarantined for days but it’s all case specific,” he said. “I’m dealing with six other dog bits so I don’t know the details of this case right now. I’m working on stuff that happened last week before I get to cases that happened over the weekend.”