The race is on for Ridgefield’s 111th seat in the state legislature, wtih Democrat Aimee Berger-Girvalo facing off against Republican Bob Hebert.

The evening of Tuesday, May 26, the Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee unanimously nominated long-time Ridgefield resident, Aimee Berger-Girvalo, as their candidate to run for the 111th seat in November.

“This is the time when creative, long-term thinking about Ridgefield’s and the state’s economies, business, education, families as well as health and safety must be foremost in our decision-making,” Berger-Girvalo said, accepting the nomination. “I will work with First Selectman Rudy Marconi, State Senator Will Haskell, State Representative Ken Gucker, and Congressman Jim Himes to ensure that Ridgefield and our state thrive. I am 100 percent committed to our town, not only for my family, but also for yours, for our front-line workers, for our seniors, for our local businesses, for our property, and for our schools.”

Nominated by First Selectman Rudy Marconi, and introduced by Senator Will Haskell, Berger-Girvalo accepted the endorsement in the presence of her children. Most recently, Berger-Girvalo coordinated volunteers to raise money to help out locally during the COVID-19 crisis, and has spent the months since the last election cycle researching and advocating for ways to increase voter registration and turnout in Connecticut.

Berger-Girvalo has been an advocate of education, local business development, and has spoken out for women, seniors and children. Having run for the 111th seat once before, she said she’ll take her battle-tested campaign energy and understanding of the exceptional challenges of 2020 and beyond to the voters this November.

Democrats plan to mount a strenuous effort to elect Berger-Girvalo to the 111th seat, to represent Ridgefield’s interests and values.

According to Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee Chairman Joe Shapiro, this is the first time the 111th State Legislative seat is open in 20-plus years.

“We are ready to make sure that Aimee goes to Hartford,” said Shapiro. “This year our campaign will not only focus upon local races such as the 111th, the 138th (northern Ridgefield) which is being defended by Ken Gucker, and the 26th Senatorial that Will Haskell is defending, but also upon returning Jim Himes to Congress and bringing real leadership and competence to the White House with a new president. I urge you to visit to volunteer. This is the most consequential election of our lives.”

Endorsed by Marconi, Haskell and Congressman Jim Himes, Aimee Berger-Girvalo is participating in the Citizens’ Election Program, which provides clean elections financing to qualified candidates for statewide offices and the General Assembly. This program allows candidates to compete without the influence of special-interest money. Under the program candidates for state representative can qualify for public financing of their campaigns by raising $5,000 from a minimum of 300 individual residents of the district they’re running in.

The 111th General Assembly District falls entirely within Ridgefield, covering all of town south of George Washington Highway and Canterbury Lane, while the multi-town 138th District includes the portion of Ridgefield north of those streets.

The 111th District seat was held for some 20 years by Republican State Rep. John Frey, who announced earlier this year that he would not seek re-election. The Republican Town Committee nominated Selectman Bob Hebert as the GOP candidate for the seat on Thursday, May 21.