‘Culture Crawl’ draws new visitors to theaters in Ridgefield, Westport, Wilton

RIDGEFIELD — A two-month initiative to promote cultural programs in Ridgefield, Westport and Wilton attracted more than 100 people to theaters, restaurants and businesses in the three towns, a survey found.

The inaugural Culture Crawl CT was held from late March to early May. Participants attended performances at the Westport Country Playhouse, Wilton Playshop and ACT of Connecticut in Ridgefield after a complimentary wine reception offered by Ginger Richardson representing Scout and Cellar. Guests also received swag bags with gift certificates, wine and gifts from local businesses valued over $500.

There were also pre-fixed meal offerings in each town.

Culture Crawl says it has “initiate(d) donations of several thousand dollars to each of the theaters to further support their missions and help bring people together again for local theater.”

In a follow-up survey, Culture Craw found that 65 percent of participants had never been to ACT of Connecticut before the event. Another 75 percent had never went to Wilton Playshop, while 25 percent had never been to Westport Country Playhouse. For 5 percent of participants, this was their first time at any of the theaters.

Culture Crawl reports that 70 percent participants noted that they tried out a restaurant in the host town prior to the show that they had never visited before that evening, while 60 percent shopped at a local business in the host town that they would not have otherwise visited.

All participants reported that they plan to visit the theaters again or would come to another event hosted by Culture Crawl.

Based on feedback from participants, Culture Crawl plans to host a “Kids Crawl” this summer.