Coping with stress through communication, exercise and healthy eating

May was Mental Health Month. Who knew? How is your mental health? Mine was getting a little sketchy last week. I was getting irritated by the news and Tik Tok and well, just about everything. I shared this with a friend of mine and he said it always come from love. And I thought WOW — this guy isn’t even in a 12 step program. Amazing.

If that does not work for you try this:

Or try a therapist. There are lot so good ones in town.

The site recommends staying physically active, be positive (definitely DO NOT WATCH the news); eat good food and manage stress. I burst out laughing on that one.

Look on the site for more helpful suggestions. There is a guide to finding a therapist and what not.

People are posting they are missing hugs. Me? Not so much. That’s a lot of commitment a hug.

I mean that is really close. My friend Jen once accosted me with a hug, never in my life had I been hugged so hard. You wanna know what? Jen has amazing mental health.

LouAnn Daprato