Weather forecasts have led to tonnight’s free concert in Ballard Park being canceled.

Selectwoman Barbara Manners, who has organized the Concert Happening in Ridgefield Parks (CHIRP) events since 2001, said in an email blast that the Bumper Jacksons concert planned for Tuesday evening, July 7, had been called off.

“Usually friends, wouldn't be making a decision to postpone until 1 p.m. or possibly even later, but the Bumper Jackson Duo has to drive up from Washington D.C. area so need to give them plenty of time. So, based on 10 a.m. forecast this a.m. we will postpone this evening’s concert and pray to weather gods that Thursday’s will make a recovery by then,” Manners said.

“In the event, I hope not, that we have to cancel Thursday as well, the Bumper Jackson Duo will work with us to come up with another date in July, whatever the evening, for a makeup. They are not touring this summer so they are being very flexible and appreciate the fact that we are even trying to do this.”

Manners thanked the group of people who help with the concerts — such as Parks and Recreation employees — who had to scramble, taking down signs and social media posts, due to the change of plans.

“Thank you all for your efforts and cooperation,” she said. “So many people are counting on us to bring them some much needed music as well as diversion this summer. Hopefully we will be able to start that on Thursday.”