‘Chambers’ is a chilling transplant nightmare

Horror thriller “Chambers” is available on Netflix.

Horror thriller “Chambers” is available on Netflix.

Ursula Coyote / Netflix / Contributed photo

When a teenage girl has a freak heart attack and she receives a heart transplant, she didn’t expect to be dealing with her donor’s family or the chaos they bring into her life in Netflix’s horror series “Chambers.”

After Sasha recovers from Becky’s transplant heart, Becky’s wealthy family seeks her out and offers her an opportunity to go to a better school and even give her a car. Sasha lives alone with her doting uncle and they’re just hanging on financially so her uncle pushes her to accept the family’s generous offer.

Of course, there are strings attached.

As Sasha tries to find out what happened to Becky, her world grows more and more sinister as Becky sends her visions and takes over Sasha’s body. As Sasha digs deeper into Becky’s odd death she finds strange and horrific things are beginning to happen to her. She begins to act recklessly and violently toward those she cares about and perhaps she’s not as in control as she thinks as she begins to behave more and more like Becky.

“Chambers” draws in viewers with the allure of a mystery while providing them with heart-pounding horrors. Sivan Alyra Rose rattles the screen with her bloodcurdling portrayal of Sasha’s psychological unraveling. Uma Thurman effortlessly exudes a faltering grace as Nancy, Becky’s grieving mother, while Tony Goldwyn finds himself playing the guilt-ridden father, Ben, who is very different from his more recognizable role in “Scandal.”

The special effects in the series as well as Sasha’s evolving appearance enhance the spookier elements of the series, which surprisingly takes place in a desert populated by a new age community that believes in the power of meditation and crystals.

The series is not for the faint of heart or those with suicidal tendencies. Given the general creepiness of the series, scaredy-cats (like myself) probably shouldn’t watch “Chambers” alone.

“Chambers” has one season available on Netflix. Viewers might also enjoy the bone-chilling elements of “The Haunting of Hill House,” which has one season on Netflix and the series has been renewed for a second. It tells the story of a group of adult siblings as they deal with the odd house that destroyed their childhoods.