Carina Borgia-Drake resigns from Ridgefield school board

Carina Borgia-Drake

Carina Borgia-Drake

Contributed / Hearst Connecticut Media

RIDGEFIELD — After three years, two superintendent searches and one pandemic, Carina Borgia-Drake is leaving the Board of Education.

“It has been my honor to serve the community of Ridgefield,” Borgia-Drake said. “The pandemic has impacted us all in ways we could not have anticipated. My family’s increasing needs necessitated that I submit my resignation from the Board effective Sept. 30, 2020.”

In an email exchange Wednesday, she looked back on her tenure — highlighted by the board’s hiring of School Superintendent Susie Da Silva.

“In my three years serving the public, we provided governance while filling numerous leadership positions. I was part of two superintendent searches and I served with numerous interim leaders,” said Borgia-Drake, who was elected in 2017.

“We hired a compassionate professional in Dr. Da Silva. I am confident she will continue providing excellent work leading the district through this incredible moment. In my three years on the board, we were entrusted to advocate for students without a full-time superintendent. We promoted budgets that served the educational needs of children.

“On a personal note, I cherished listening to family stories concerning our students who were thriving and those stories of children who were merely surviving their academic experience,” Borgia-Drake said. “I researched and learned about each issue because education is a quality of life issue for our children.

“The trust of the public is a sacred gift,” she said. “At the point that I knew I could not give the students the dedication they deserve, I resigned from the Board of Education. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to serve our community.”

Borgia-Drake made her resignation official in a letter to Town Clerk Wendy Lionetti.

By town charter, the vacancy left by Borgia-Drake’s resignation is required to be filled by a majority vote of the remaining members of the school board. If they don’t act within a month, the duty falls to the Board of Selectmen.

If the member who left the board was elected as a member of a political party, the charter also requires the vacancy be filled by a member of the same political party. Borgia-Drake was elected as a Democrat.

The Democratic Town Committee, which may make an advisory recommendation to the school board on filling the position, began seeking potential candidates for the vacancy in a Sept. 11 news release.

The Democratic Town Committee requested that interested candidates send a “statement of interest” and resume or biography to by Sept. 26.

“Interested persons are advised that BOE will conduct its own official selection process for filling the vacancy,” the DTC statement said. “The BOE’s process is separate from the DTC’s process. The DTC’s endorsement is advisory to the BOE.”

The DTC also praised Borgia-Drake for her service on the board.

“Ms. Borgia-Drake was elected to BOE in November 2017, and has served our town and our children with sensitivity and dedication,” the committee said. “Ridgefield Democrats thank Ms. Borgia-Drake for her valuable service and wish her well.”