Car theft victim reminds drivers to take their keys with them

Photo of Peter Yankowski
Ridgefield police car.

Ridgefield police car.

Ridgefield Police Department

The owner of a blue Mini Cooper that was stolen from a driveway on Abbott Avenue between the overnight hours of Sunday, Aug. 25, and Monday, Aug. 26, told The Ridgefield Press this week that she forgot to lock her car and remove the keys.

She had heard about car thefts increasing in town about two years a go, and has since made an effort to lock her doors and remove her keys since then.

“We’re the safest town in America — and I’m sure we are, but sometimes that leads to being a little less careful,” she said.

“We were making sure that the doors were locked, but they got us on a bad night.”

The car owner said the family noticed the car was missing in the morning, and did not hear the thieves enter and steal the car during the night.

She added that the thieves may have rolled the car away from her house before starting the engine and driving away, because the houses sit in close proximity to one another.

The Abbot Avenue homeowner had some advice for residents.

“Pay extra attention, make sure you’ve taken the key out,” she said.


The car has a key fob that needs to be in the car to start it, rather than a traditional key ignition, the vehicle’s owner said.

She added that the car has not started for her in the past if the key fob was left in the house.

She said she “never thought this would happen in such a dense neighborhood.”

Abbott Avenue is three-quarters of a mile from Ridgefield’s Main Street.

The neighborhood is mostly made up of small lots of houses that were built behind the St. Mary’s Church property on High Ridge Avenue in the middle of the 20th century.

“I’m thinking of getting a camera for the outside [of the house]” she told The Press on Wednesday night. “Not that that would have stopped them, but we might have some idea who took it.”

Third this year

Car thieves have struck in similarly dense neighborhoods before, taking a car from the Casagmo condominium development earlier this year.

The theft is the third car stolen from Ridgefield in 2019, Ridgefield Police Capt. Shawn Platt confirmed Wednesday.

It’s also the third car stolen from the downtown area over the last two years.

In addition to the car that was stolen from Casagmo in 2019, a car was stolen from the Walgreens parking lot in December 2017.