Captivating Maizy

After meeting sweet little Maizy, memories from my childhood came flooding back. I recall the Golden Book The Shy Little Kitten and how the story focused on one little striped kitten who was very, very shy. Though our Maizy might not be a kitten and has muted stripes, she is quite shy.

Each day her feeling of self-confidence is growing. Through the attention and love of the volunteers, she is venturing out of her cage, interacting with people and investigating other cat residents. She loves ear rubs, will nuzzle into your hand, and bats her gorgeous eyes at you.

Maizy is just a little over 7. She has muted gray stripes with the sweetest, most loving little face and cute white whiskers. She is up to date with all vaccinations and has been spayed.

In the story, the shy little kitten was so happy that she did a backward somersault. Maizy will be happy, too, when she finds her forever home. Open your heart to this precious little girl. That will be her best day ever.

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Mary Ellen Egan