Capilli joins volunteer board of directors at Regional Hospice

John Capilli with his son, John Capilli Jr.

John Capilli with his son, John Capilli Jr.

Regional Hospice, Danbury / Contributed photo

President & CEO, Cynthia Emiry Roy, MS, LCSW, CHA welcomes John Capilli of Ridgefield, to the organization’s volunteer board of directors. In addition to having a personal connection to Regional Hospice, Capilli’s abilities lie in expanding business, increasing revenue sources and building strong relationships.

He is president of Classic Equipment Services Inc/Division of Vault Structures, Inc, a bank security equipment company in Danbury with an annual revenue of $5.5 million and 15 employees located throughout the tri-state area and in Pennsylvania. Capilli also serves on the Immaculate High School Athletic Board and the St. Mary’s Ridgefield School Advisory Board. He is a graduate of St. John’s University.

Three years ago, Capilli began a relationship with Regional Hospice when his wife of 23 years, Patti Collins Capilli, became a patient at the Center for Comfort Care & Healing in Danbury. “Patti and I didn’t want our two children, Cara and John Jr., to have the memory of their mother passing in our home,” he said. “During his first tour of the Center, Capilli was struck by the space. “It was more than I imagined it would be. It was really a sanctuary.”

Before Patti came to the Center, she and John experienced care from another hospice organization. “The experience made clear to me the level of support that Regional Hospice provides, he added. “It also really helped to sharpen our perspective and have gratitude for the care our family received.”

“Regional Hospice put a smile on Patti’s face through her toughest times — by getting her tacos,” Capilli said, smiling. “Staff cared enough to do that because it made her so happy. In her mind, it was like she was in a restaurant. She ordered what she wanted and for a couple of minutes, she felt like everything was okay.”

Last year, Patti was honored at the 2019 Regional Hospice Golf Classic at Ridgewood County Club in Danbury. The all-day event raised $91,000 to help support the Regional Hospice mission of approaching death by creating human connection and honoring each patient’s unique journey.