Brookfield artist presents an ‘Encounter with Nature’ at RPAC

Longtime Brookfield resident and contemporary artist Katushka Millones will showcase her latest works at RPAC Gallery in Ridgefield next month.

Having been forced by the pandemic to work from home, Millones went back to what she loves most: making art. After painting on and off for more than two decades, she decided to become a full-time artist.

Over the past year she’s produced more than 100 pieces — 70 of which will be displayed on the gallery’s walls from from Aug. 5 through Sept. 12. The show is titled “An Intimate Encounter with Nature.”

“For me, nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration,” Millones said. “I’m fascinated by skies, vast lands and the presence of water. Having been an observer for many years of traveling, I accumulated an enormous bank of images that are accompanied by sweet memories — not only of happiness, but solitude as well. I’m hoping to create a poetic and magical moment that reveals itself in massive quietness, the absence of obstacles and the presence of boundless land.”

She continued, “My goal is to have the viewer bear witness to, and be absorbed by, the scene — a scene trapped in time, of sounds and breeze, of light and shade, of movement and repose. The works I’m showing are inspired by hikes, photographs and visual observations made when experiencing my surroundings. These paintings are the result of direct observation — a complex combination of natural elements and the recollection of the emotions that I felt (while) observing those scenes.”

An architect graduate from her home country of Peru, Millones always found satisfaction in the arts. Having experimented with music, photography and technical drafting, she creates her best work in her art studio where her imagination has no boundaries. Moved by Turner’s dramatic skies, Kandinsky’s colorful palette and Cornell’s assemblages, her present work explores the relationship between the land and the sea — where a welcoming moment of solitude awaits the viewer.

“An Intimate Encounter with Nature” will be on display at RPAC Gallery (410 Main Street, Ridgefield) from Aug. 5 through Sept. 12. For more information visit or call the gallery at 203-894-5609.