Ridgefield Republicans are going forward with five candidates for this fall’s Board of Education race.

Republican nominees Robert Ceccarini, Liz Floegel, Bryan Ward, Rachel Ruggeri and Sean McEvoy won Tuesday’s primary which saw a low turnout of around 450 voters.

None of the five candidates who advanced currently sit on the board.

Candidate Darrin McGuire, who petitioned his way onto the primary ballot, received 174 votes — not enough to qualify for the ballot in November.

“I don’t have any regrets,” McGuire said Tuesday night in town hall. “My team and I wanted to bring attention abck to the kids of this town and I hope that the focus continues to be on the kids of this town.”

In total, 449 registered Republican voted across three polling stations — counting absentee ballots. Ridgefield has 5,848 registered Republicans.

“It was very slow,” said Republican Registrar of Voters Wayne Floegel. “Primaries usually draw a crowd but it’s hard to have too high of expectations for a municipal election. It’s September, schools are in session — it can be any number of reasons [for a low turnout].”

The five board seats that are up in November belong to Fran Walton, Jonathan Steckler, James Keidel, Tracey O’Connor, and Sharon D’Orso.

Keidel, O’Connor, and D’Orso are Republicans who are not seeking re-election.

Only Steckler, a Democrat, is running for re-election this fall.

According to the Republican Registrar of Voters, unaffiliated voters had until Monday to become registered Repubilcans for this election.

“There were not as many as I anticipated but there was a noticeable jump of people coming off the fence,” Wayne Floegel said. “You got to be a party member to vote in the primary.”