MetroNorth rail riders would beneft from the state’s ‘CT 2030’ program, which envisions billions of investements in Connecti rail lines, according to State Senator Will Haskell, a Democrat whose district includes Ridgefield, Wilton, Redding and parts of Bethel, Weston, Westport, and New Canaan.

Haskell praised the "CT 2030" transportation plan for its proposed investments in the state’s rail systems, most notably on the Metro-North line from New Haven to Grand Central Station servicing much of southern and southeastern Connecticut. Sen. Haskell reinforced the plan’s commitment to the more than 40 million riders who utilize Metro-North every year.

"A common misconception is that ‘CT 2030’ only includes improvements for roads, but it sets the stage for a significant upgrade of much of the state's public transportation, especially involving trains," said Haskell. "I support this plan because of its billions of dollars of investments in rail lines, including more than $3 billion in proposed improvements, replacements and upgrades along the New Haven Line. As the conversations surrounding transportation and infrastructure continue among legislators, I'll remember these key elements and the life improvements they'll provide to commuters in my district."

Rail improvements in the "CT 2030" plan include: $1.958 billion earmarked for rail bridge repair and replacement along the New Haven Line; $842 million for line track speed improvement along the New Haven Line; $350 million for signal system replacement along the New Haven Line; $985 million for 132 new rail cars and 30 locomotives to upgrade riding cars along the New Haven Line, Waterbury Line, Danbury Line, Shore Line East and Hartford Line.

These projects, together, are predicted to cut commute times from New Haven to Stamford by 10 to 15 minutes each way through 2025, with further improvements expected by 2030. They would also allow Connecticut to work collaboratively with New York State to speed tracks and provide MetroNorth service direct access to Penn Station in New York City.

The website has more information about the transportation improvements proposed in the "CT 2030" plan.