Subdivision plans for the 10-acre Montanari property off Barry Avenue — five lots, four for new houses and one for the old farmhouse — will return for a second public hearing session on Tuesday, July 23. The hearing of the Planning and Zoning Commission and Inland Wetlands Board is in the town hall annex off Prospect Street by Yanity gymnasium, and the meeting starts at 7:30.

Some 25 people turned out, and eight spoke, at the initial public hearing on June 25.

There would be four new house lots of just over one acre each, and the existing farmhouse would remain on a lot of about two acres — with the pool and outbuildings removed.

The development is proposed by the Sturges Brothers Inc.

The Sturges Brothers have contracted to purchase the property from the estate of Nancy Montanari.

Some of the discussion at the initial hearing session focused on neighbors’ concern that the Planned Residential Development or “PRD” subdivision clusters houses on properties smaller than those required by the area’s zone, which calls for two-acre house lots. The PRD rules permit the clustering of houses on what are technically undersized lots to allow more land to be preserved as open space.

The Sturges Brothers proposed subdivision calls for 3.68 acres to be preserved as open space, with the five houses on the remaining 6.51 acres of the 10.19-acre site.

Plans for the proposal are on file in the town planning office at the town hall annex.