Arrow signs along road in Ridgefield are removed

Chalk one up for the “scenic roads uncluttered with signs” lobby.

Nearly all of the yellow-and-black arrow signs that for two years have intruded on the views along winding, hilly Ned’s Mountain Road have now been removed.

Ridgefield Police say they removed some 40 signs from the road, which is about a mile and half in length, skirting the Ridgefield-Danbury town line in Ridgebury.

Numerous arrows that were put up on more heavily traveled Old Stagecoach Road will remain in place.

“After the installation we received numerous complaints regarding the excessive amount of signs on Ned’s Mountain Road and we began exploring our options,” Ridgefield Police Chief Jeff Kreitz said, adding that police agreed the amount of signage was “excessive.”

Investigating traffic counts, accident data and road conditions, Kreitz said police determined it would be safer if the speed limit were reduced from 25 to 20, a change the received required state approval.

“By reducing the speed limit the majority of the signs installed were no longer needed,” he said.

The chevron-style arrow signs warn motorists of curves, and are often posted in clusters along the lead-in approaching a curve. But a road like Ned’s Mountain is essentially one curve after another, and residents felt that there were simply too many.

“Ned’s Mountain Road much improved with removal of the totally unnecessary signs erected by the state,” said John Katz, a Ridgefield Planning and Zoning Commission member who lives nearby.

“Is the road dangerous? Yes, which is why those traversing it are so cautious,” Katz said. “Virtually all who travel that road are regulars, well acquainted with its vagaries.”

Katz had been among those complaining about the sign invasion back in 2018, telling a Board of Selectmen’s meeting it was overkill to have so many signs.

The same criteria applied to Ned’s Mountain Road was used to justify leaving arrows along Old Stagecoach Road, he said.