Aqua, a 3-year-old gray cat is looking for a loving home

Aqua, a 3-year-old gray and white cat, is looking for a loving home.

Aqua, a 3-year-old gray and white cat, is looking for a loving home.

ROAR-Donofrio Family Animal Shelter

I had a wonderful experience in our cat room the other day. As I entered the room, what I had witnessed had stopped me in my tracks ... but, let me begin at the beginning.

Aqua is the sweetest little feline. When she arrived at ROAR, she had never been in a shelter, no less in a cat condo. She was confused by her new situation and spent her time in her cat bed, even though the volunteers spent special time with her.

It was decided that a foster mom would bring Aqua to a quiet and relaxed home. This might boost her confidence to interact with caring humans.

She almost seemed like a ghost cat at first. She had her own room with all the kitty necessities. Her favorite spot was under the bed. Her foster would join her by sitting on the bed, quietly talk to her, with soft music in the background. No sightings at first, but evidence of being out at night.

It didn’t happen overnight, but by being patient with her and allowing her to choose when and how she would do things, Aqua started coming out to explore. Aqua liked the laser pointer, looking out the window, and slowly edging closer and closer to her foster.

Aqua is now back at the shelter. She’s really hoping to be adopted soon and have her very special forever home.

What stopped me in my tracks? It was the very first time I had seen Aqua out of her condo and exploring the cat room. I had a lump in my throat! Aqua is a serene little soul — a smokey gray beauty with an adorable little face. If you are a compassionate pet lover, she will be your new BFF. Aqua is just 3-years-old, has been spayed and microchipped and is up to date on vaccinations.

Please call the ROAR-Donofrio Family Animal Shelter during open hours at 203-438-0158 to set up an appointment to meet Aqua. We are located at 45 South St. Visit our website at to learn about our adoptable animals and volunteer opportunities.