Superintendent: New COVID case quarantines 9 Ridgefield High students

Another COVID-19 case in the Ridgefield High School community sent nine more students and another teacher into quarantine.

Another COVID-19 case in the Ridgefield High School community sent nine more students and another teacher into quarantine.

Macklin Reid / Hearst Connecticut Media

RIDGEFIELD — A new COVID-19 case has quarantined nine more high school students and another teacher, district officials said.

Superintendent of Schools Susie Da Silva sent families and staff an email Wednesday, forwarding a communication from Aaron Crook, the school district’s COVID-19 health and safety compliance liaison and coordinator of nursing services.

“Late this afternoon, we learned that an individual from our RHS school community has tested positive for COVID-19,” Da Silva said in the letter on Wednesday.

Da Silva said the person participated in the PSATs at Ridgefield High on Saturday.

The latest case is not related to the COVID-19 case that sent students home early last Friday. As a result of that — and a potential exposure of the players on the girls soccer team at an away game — there had previously been 52 students and four faculty members asked to quarantine.

There are now a total of 61 students and five staff members at RHS who have been quarantined.

“It is important to note that this case of COVID-19 is unrelated to the previous case. In each of the two recent cases, we know where the individual was exposed and we know that the cases are not related to one another,” Crook said.

Ridgefield High School Principal Jacob Greenwood sent a follow-up email to families on Wednesday evening.

“We have concluded our contact tracing efforts and all students and staff required to quarantine due to a direct exposure have been notified by phone call and email,” Greenwood said. “At this point, you would have been contacted directly by an RHS administrator or nurse if there was reason for concern.”

The high school was open as scheduled on Thursday. All activities also remained on schedule.

“I am aware that students were held at dismissal time without explanation,” Greenwood said. “We will improve our communication efforts during these situations so students better know the circumstances. I apologize for any unnecessary angst the lack of communication may have caused.”

A Facebook chat among parents Wednesday afternoon in the Ridgefield Parents for Quality Education group shows the kind of confusion Greenwood was referencing.

“Does anyone know why they’re holding the HS students in classrooms? No mention of lockdown but no explanation either,” one parent wrote.

“My 9th grade daughter has no information and is texting me.”

“Don’t know! But I am in the parking lot picking up,” another parent wrote. “All the buses are here.”

“Wish they would communicate,” one more parent added. “No need to upset students or parents. And if it is a lockdown they should know!”