Adventurous Hayward and Zoar are looking for homes

Our little “teen” cats, Hayward and Zoar, are only 5-months-old. These little bundles of energy, with their cute little faces, bright golden eyes, and triangular ears are simply irresistible. These black beauties are personality plus. They were from a litter of 5 named “the Connecticut lakes litter.”

The boys are well behaved, but as all kittens can be, they are high spirited, active, and inquisitive. They have similar fun-loving personalities and fill their day searching for new adventures.

If good luck is what you need, Hayward and Zoar will bring it to you in abundance. Each is looking for a warm and loving home with a 4-legged buddy. Come in and visit and make that special kitten connection.

The boys are current with age appropriate vaccinations and have been neutered and microchipped.

Visit the ROAR-Donofrio Family Animal Shelter’s website at to learn about adoptable cats and dogs, open hours, and volunteer opportunities. We’re located at 45 South St.

Mary Ellen Egan