Accidents, stuck cars on snowy roads

"Why don't these people just stay home?"pleaded the voice of one emergency worker on the radio.

Accidents including a three-car pile-up at Route 7 and Old Still Road that is sending all southbound traffic on Route 7 down Still Road, a roll-over and Cain Hill Road and a vehicle that hit a tree off Old Branchville Road, together with numerous stuck vehicles on roads ranging of West Lane to North Salem Road testify to treacherous conditions in the season's first real snowstorm. Numerous cars are reported stuck on the big hills of Branchville Road, and the presence of a utility truck is making passage difficult on Mamanasco Road. Winter storm warnings are in effect for most of the state. Snow is expected to increase in intensity during the afternoon, continue into evening and taper off to light snow about 9 o'clock tonight. Light snow is expected to diminish to flurries around midnight, could go on into the early morning hours. Accumulations are project to be from three to six inches.