NEWTOWN — A couple has been displaced after a fire caused thousands of dollars of damage to their Brookwood Drive home Thursday evening.

“They won’t be able to live there,” Deputy Fire Marshal Steve Murphy said the day after crews responded to the house fire 5 Brookwood Drive.

Firefighters were called to the single-story ranch home in the Dodgingtown section of town around 7:40 p.m. Thursday.

“Nobody was home when it started, but the owners arrived home to find smoke coming out of the house,” Murphy said.

Firefighters used a pond off Dodgingtown Road to supply water for the tankers, according to dispatch reports.

The fire was extinguished within 15 minutes, Murphy said, but crews spent at least an hour overhauling — tearing apart walls and ceilings — to make sure the fire was truly out.

Murphy said the fire originated near a boiler in the basement of the house and spread to the attic.

“There was quite a bit of walls and ceilings to tear apart,” he said.

“Right next to the boiler, there’s a little chimney that goes all the way up through the house and out the roof. The fire followed the chimney all the way up, burning the walls and all around it — all the way up into the attic,” Murphy said.

“The rest of the house was pretty well intact. There wasn’t a lot of damage off to the living room or off to the bedrooms, but all around that chimney — from the basement up into the attic — (was damaged).”

No injuries were reported, Murphy said, but the damage caused by the fire is estimated at $50,000.