BETHEL — New software is expected to make it easier for Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Department to report incidents.

The Emergency Reporting’s cloud-based Fire & EMS software integrates the station’s reporting and data management for fire and emergency management services, according to the department. State and federal guidelines require detailed reporting, which the department previously did on paper.

“The software is so simple to learn and use,” the department said. “Even some of the most technology-illiterate amongst our membership are using the program with ease.”

The program costs about $2,200 for the initial set up and first year, followed by $1,600 each year after that, said Patrick Magyar, spokesman for the department.

Firefighters use the system for incident reporting, maintenance requests, inventory, apparatus inspections, training documentation, attendance records and more. The software will allow the department to better analyze response times and easily send incident reports to the state, Stony Hill said.