Martha Stewart orders hot dogs, examines decor at Frankie's Family Restaurant in Waterbury

Photo of Abby Weiss

One of the first customers to dine at Frankie’s Family Restaurant on Saturday was celebrity businesswoman, Martha Stewart.

The restaurant chain has several locations in Connecticut and its history dates back to the 1930s, when the owners gained success with their foot-long hot dog.

The Waterbury restaurant on Reidville Drive opened a little earlier than 11 a.m. and served fries, burgers and hot dogs to Stewart and her friends, Joe Mascolo, one of the managers, said. 

Martha Stewart
Martha StewartPatrick McMullan/PMC via Getty Images

"She was very nice," Mascolo said. "She said 'hi'..she was checking out all our decor in the dining room."

Frankie's walls are covered in framed photographs and antiques. Stewart, who specializes in home decor, examined the floor-to-floor decorations, including the photograph display of 25 kinds of hot dogs, he said. 

Frankie's Family Restaurant in Waterbury, CT. 

Frankie's Family Restaurant in Waterbury, CT. 

Contributed photo/Frankie's Family Restaurant

Though it was Mascolo's first time seeing Stewart dine at the restaurant, he said one of her friend's mentioned they like to stop by Frankie's during their travels.

Stewart posted a photo of her meal on her Instagram story with the caption, “Frankie’s family restaurant in waterbury for sustenance after the poultry congress.”

The Northeastern Poultry Congress, the largest poultry show in the region, is taking place on Saturday and Sunday in Massachusetts. Designer Christopher Spitzmiller posted photos yesterday with Stewart holding a silkie chicken and said Stewart adopted birds at the event.