Roosevelt Dime to play at Ballard Park June 6

Roosevelt Dime is a group with songs that are “catchy toe-tappers, real feel-good stuff,” according to Sing Out Magazine. With a name appropriated from a coin minted in 1946, it comes as no surprise that historical reference points underscore the music of the East Coast-based quartet Roosevelt Dime. This engaging brotherhood of musicians traces the rich tributaries of Americana — Blues, Bluegrass and New Orleans juke joint rhythm and blues, enduring genres newly electrified with a modern charge.

Among the instruments they play are banjo, electric and washtub, basses, percussion, and harmonica. The group will be at CHIRP on Tuesday, June 6, at 7 p.m. in the park, otherwise at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. Bring the whole family and grandma, too, for this one.  

Band members Andrew Green (banjo, guitar) and Eben Pariser (guitar, bass, harmonica) both attended Oberlin College. Tony Montalbano added his dynamic drumming to the mix, and Craig Akin, one of the premier upright and electric bassists in the Northeast, adds stirring talent to the mix.

To date they have released seven albums and garnered great reviews. Their music is available at CHIRP’s website,, or can be heard by visiting the band’s own