Reduce stress and worry

Ridgefielder Stephen Cluney, certified master coach, will lead a workshop at the Ridgefield Library on Saturday, June 10 from 9 to 11:30 a.m. on How to Reduce Stress and Worry.

The world is evolving at an ever-increasing speed, people’s attention spans have diminished, the future is less and less predictable, and higher levels of stress seem to be the new norm. These dynamics can lead to confusion, bad decisions, stress, distance in relationships, and even physical illness. During this two hour and 30-minute interactive session, Stephen Cluney will point to a series of principles that will lift the mystery behind human experience and how the mind works. These principles are the processes working behind the scenes of our moment-by-moment experiences.

In short, they are responsible for the way you experience life.

This program is part of the Noreen L. Papa — Mothers: Live Your Life series. Register at or call 203-438-2282.