Ramapoo Rifle & Revolver Club to host pistol shooting course

The Ramapoo Rifle & Revolver Club Inc of Ridgefield has monthly offerings of the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course. Successful completion of this class is required as a first step in obtaining a permit to buy or carry a handgun in Connecticut. This permit also satisfies the requirements to buy ammunition, shotguns and rifles in Connecticut.

Ramapoo has two options for those desiring to take the NRA Basis of Pistol Shooting class at the indoor shooting facility at 60 South Street, Ridgefield. The cost for either is $100. All classes are conducted by NRA-certified instructors and stress safety while providing the basic knowledge and skills necessary for owning and using a handgun

Further information as to scheduling and how to enroll in a class can be found at www.ramapoo.com.