Chair yoga

Valerie Rich will give a presentation on chair yoga on Tuesday, Aug. 15, at 10:30 a.m., at the Ridgefield Library.  

In this introductory program, she will guide attendees through a relaxing and recharging yoga class that is suitable for everyone and all abilities. Chair yoga offers support in the yoga poses and has many of the benefits. In this introductory class, the student will explore traditional yoga poses breathing instruction and a short, guided meditation. 

Later that same day at the library there will be a talk called Connecting to Mother Earth's Treasures: An Introduction to Using Crystals in Self-Healing, led by Brenda Story. In this workshop Brenda will teach about how to choose rocks and crystals to be allies in self-healing and self-awareness. The qualities of quartz crystals and normal, everyday rocks will be explored. 

These programs are part of the Body, Mind and Spirit: Holistic Health and Wellness series that is made possible thanks to donors to the Noreen L. Papa — Mothers: Live Your Life fund. Please register or call 203-438-2282 for more information.