Freshman Williams leads New Milford to third-straight SWC gymnastics title

NEW MILFORD — For the third season in a row, the New Milford High gymnastics team has been crowned SWC champions.

Freshman Regan Williams won two of the four events and finished second in another on her way to being named the SWC MVP and finishing first overall with a score of 35.050.

“She is one of the hardest workers I have ever seen,” New Milford coach Bethany Mihaly said. “She does practices with me, practices with her other team. She doesn’t sit down; she doesn’t know quit.”

Williams finished first in the Uneven Bars (8.800) and Floor (9.000) while finishing second in Balance Beam (8.750).

“I am feeling pretty good, and I think everyone here did really well,” Williams said. “I had been doing pretty decent at the last few meets, but I was definitely nervous because I didn’t know how I was going to do under the pressure.”

Williams led New Milford along with Riley Herring, who finished fourth overall with a score of 33.800.

New Milford totaled 135.700 points, just edging out Newtown (132.550) and Oxford (132.050).

“I am feeling awesome, because this was definitely not a takeaway,” Mihaly said. “The girls really came together today, and I was very proud of them. I told the girls before that I don’t know how we are going to come out, but if you win it doesn’t matter unless you have fun. They had a blast and winning makes it even better.”

“I didn’t envision this,” Williams said. “I didn’t even know if I was going to do high school gymnastics until a few minutes before the first practice. I hope that I can have a little more fun next time because I think I was very nervous this time, so if I loosen up a little bit, I think I can do better.”

Oxford’s Molly Clifford finished second overall with a score of 34.900, as she finished second in bars (8.700), vault (8.550), and floor (8.950). She also finished third in Beam (8.700) to medal in every event.

Renee Chard of Newtown finished third overall with a score of 34.250 while medaling in Bars (8.650) for third.; @AldamWill


Team results: 1. New Milford, 135.700; 2. Newtown, 132.550; 3. Oxford, 132.050; 4. Brookfield, 127.250; 5. Joel Barlow, 123.400; 6. Nonnewaug, 117.950; 7. Pomperaug, 77.950; 8. Bethel, 31.400

Vault — 1. Paige Brandt, Nonnewaug, 8.900; T2. Molly Clifford, Oxford, 8.550; T2. Hannah Rainey, New Milford, 8.550; T4. Regan Williams, New Milford, 8.500; T4. Riley Herring, New Milford, 8.500; T4. Lauren Young, Newtown, 8.550.

Uneven Bars — 1. Regan Williams, New Milford, 8.800; 2. Molly Clifford, Oxford, 8.700; 3. Renee Chard, Newtown, 8.650; T4. Riley Herring, New Milford, 8.500; T4. Skylar Mugavin, Pomperaug, 8.500; T6. Hannah Rainey, New Milford, 8.450; T6. Kendall Famularo, Bethel, 8.450.

Balance Beam — 1. Addie Sullivan, Newtown, 8.850; 2. Regan Williams, New Milford, 8.750; 3. Molly Clifford, Oxford, 8.700; 4. Anna Gramlich, Oxford, 8.650; T5. Emmaline Moore, New Milford, 8.450; T5. Mykayla Lavery, Brookfield, 8.450.

Floor Exercise — 1. Regan Williams, New Milford, 9.000; 2. Molly Clifford, Oxford, 8.950; 3. Riley Herring, New Milford, 8.900; 4. Renee Chard, Newtown, 8.850; 5. Anna Gramlich, Oxford, 8.800; 6. Jillian Golden, Pomperaug, 8.600.

All Around — 1. Regan Williams, New Milford, 35.050; 2. Molly Clifford, Oxford, 34.900; 3. Renee Chard, Newtown, 34.250; T4. Riley Herring, New Milford, 33.800; T4. Anna Gramlich, Oxford, 33.800; 6. Skylar Mugavin, Pomperaug, 33.550.