The Ridgefield Theater Barn continues their Ghost Light video sessions bi-weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays on Facebook at 8:45 p.m. However, there have been some technical difficulties submitting videos.

In order to submit video files participants may email, save it in the cloud: box, dropbox, Google drive, and send us the link, or share it to social media, tag us, and hashtag it #RTBstealingtheghostlight and #RTBghostlightsessions. The Theater Barn’s handles on Instagram and Twitter are @theaterbarn; on Facebook at The staff is monitoring hashtags, and will re-share your post.

Video submission parameters are: The video must be in the dark with an exposed, single lightbulb that mimics a traditional ghost light; Submissions should be recorded on one’s phone or on a single camera device; and Try to keep the video to under 5 minutes.

In terms of content, the Theater Barn is open to whatever you’d like to share. Do you have a favorite theater memory, experience or performance (with preferential treatment to RTB stories, of course)? What creativity has this quarantine inspired? Did you have a performance canceled or postponed and want share a song from that? Do you want to share your recorded Zoom session (aka “Brady Bunch” or “Hollywood Squares” style)? Tell us your story and share the video.