Ridgefield School of Dance presents Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, and High Gear

The Ridgefield School of Dance will present its spring show, Alice In Wonderland, the wedding scene from The Sleeping Beauty Ballet and “High Gear,” a presentation by the Jazz Department with a performance Saturday, June 15, at 6:30 p.m. and a 1 p.m. matinée on Sunday, June 16, at Ridgefield High School.

This year’s presentation marks the final performances of graduating seniors Julia Garrett and Eugenia Cashman from Ridgefield and Kyra Winslow from Weston. All three have been dancing since they were in grade school.

“The cast for Alice in Wonderland includes our youngest pre-ballerinas dancing in the garden of living flowers and in the Queen of Heart’s royal court all the way through the school’s ballet company also featured in Sleeping Beauty,” said executive director Alison Brown, who is marking her fifth anniversary as owner.

“Sleeping Beauty gives our company dancers and rising apprentice company members a classical piece where they can really show their technical prowess and gives each Company member a featured part,” Brown said. “Alice in Wonderland is a ballet that is truly fun for the audience as well as for the dancers to perform. This original ballet was first created by artistic director Jessica Boelts five years ago. This year, she has changed and added choreography to develop it further. “Ms. Boelts’ choreography is amazing for its creativity,” Brown said.

The role of Alice will be danced by Sofia Garrett, a freshman at Ridgefield High School, whose sister, Julia, danced the part five years ago. Dancers from Ridgefield include Phoebe Levitt Sophia Dotterer, Chloe Lin, Renee Cherry and Isabella Raduazzo as White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Dormouse, Cheshire Cat, and Hedgehog respectively. Sisters Kyra, Kali and Kelsey Winslow from Weston are the Sister, Duchess and March Hare. Julia Garrett will be the petulant Queen of Hearts and Eugenia Cashman the Cook.

In Sleeping Beauty, Julia Garrett will perform the role of Princess Aurora to guest artist Andrés Castillo Gomez’s Prince Desiré. Rounding out the cast for Sleeping Beauty are Company members from Ridgefield Makena Davi, Ariana Mirfakhraie, Lily Meyler, Ingrid Karlson and Karina Rao as the Jewel Fairies. Kyra will dance the pas de deux as Princess Florine with Erik Osterkil as Blue Bird, and Eugenia will perform as Little Red Riding Hood with Johnson Guo as the Wolf. Weston sophomore Rebecca Ronai will perform as the white cat with Mitchell Kilby as Puss n’ Boots. Apprentice Company members Alice Lombardo from Ridgefield and Sabrina Pacurucu from Brewster will perform as the Lilac Fairy’s (Sofia Garrett) royal escorts.

Julia, Kyra and Eugenia all said dancing in their final spring show will be a bittersweet experience but they are excited to put on a great performance for their families, friends and the audience.

Boelts said she enjoyed revisiting her original choreography, and expand it to suit this year’s group of students. “Every spring show is always a new opportunity. I really want to give dancers a beautiful piece that is true to the story as well as gives them a showcase for their dancing.”

Tickets are on sale at theridgefieldschoolofdance.com or call 203-894-5957. The Ridgefield School of Dance is at 66 Grove Street, Ridgefield.