For Darrell Hammond, Saturday Night Live funny man, life has not been all laughs. He suffers from complex trauma resulting from emotional injuries he sustained in a dysfunctional childhood at the hands of his parents. He tried drinking, drugs, self-harm and other methods of coping before being successfully diagnosed and treated for trauma. Finally, a doctor explained that there wasn’t anything wrong with him. He was the way he was because of something that happened to him.

Come watch Cracked Up, a movie about Darrell’s life, and be inspired by his healing journey that includes therapy, yoga, and meditation. “Over half the population has experienced adverse events in childhood,” said Laura Babala, LCSW and trauma-sensitive yoga teacher who specializes in this type of healing. “That means right here in our community people are suffering and may not know how to cope. The good news is that there are also resources right here in our community that can help people heal.”

Cracked Up is sponsored by the Ridgefield Prevention Council and is showing at the Ridgefield Playhouse Oct. 23 at 7 p.m. with a community discussion following and hosted by Laura Babala, LCSW, CYT, and Kathy Hayes-Bloch, LCSW and certified trauma-sensitive meditation teacher.

Laura Babala, LCSW