Paws to Comfort: Lounsbury House to host author talk Monday night

The Lounsbury House will be hosting an author talk and book-signing event with Jen Marr and Skye Quinn tonight — Monday, Nov. 18 — at 7 p.m.

Marr’s new book, “Paws to Comfort,” was published last week and is “an everyday guide to learning how you can help mend our disconnected world.”

Marr, the co-founder of Inspiring Comfort LLC, lived in Ridgefield for 15 years before recently moving. She has worked with comfort dogs in crisis response settings, an experience she says opened her eyes to the depth of the need of comfort.

“This book is born of three core beliefs: that comfort is critical to mending our disconnected world, that comfort is a skill that can be re-learned and that we can learn a lot about comfort from our dogs,” she wrote.

Quinn, a senior design coordinator at Time who has been involved in producing some of the magazine’s iconic covers, helped layout the books images and graphics.

“Jen reached out to Skye and told her she was working on a project and that she loved her designed work,” said Jill Bornstein, CFO of Inspiring Comfort LLC. “Skyke agreed to talk to her about the project and lo and behold, she agreed to design the whole book.

Bornstein, who co-founded Inspiring Comfort LLC along with Marr and Mary Perry in 2017, said that the book explores the science behind comfort.

“There’s not enough comfort dogs to comfort all of us,” she said, “so what Jen wanted to explore is how we can all improve comfort as a skill and become better comforters to each other.”

Marr began writing the book in January 2019.

“We’re at the intersection of all these other ideas that you hear about — empathy, kindness, compassion, but comfort is the action that’s missing in that equation,” Bornstein said. “People need to redevelop a sense of comfort. We’re not as connected to each other as we once were. Why don’t we comfort one another anymore?”

Richard Hastings, executive board member of Compassionate Ridgefield, will moderate the event. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

“What Richard will explore is what we call the ‘awkward zone,’ where we don’t know what to do,” Bornstein explained. “We need to break through that and I think this book gives a pretty good playbook on how we should treat each other.”

Lounsbury House is located at 316 Main Street. Copies of the book are available for purchase at Books on the Common. They can be signed at the event tonight.

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