Marie Osmond brings holiday cheer to Ridgefield Playhouse

Marie Osmond has spent more than six decades in entertainment, known for her countless hit songs (her debut, “Paper Roses” debuted at No. 1), successful run as co-host of the Donny & Marie television show, performing on Broadway, her third-place finish on Dancing with the Stars, and countless other ventures.

She and brother Donny have also had a successful 11-year run in Las Vegas, with one of the most in-demand shows on the strip. As a philanthropist, Osmond co-founded Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, which has raised more than $8 billion for children to date. And the multi-talented star is still going strong. On Dec. 7, Osmond will be headed to the Ridgefield Playhouse as part of her Symphonic Christmas Tour, spreading holiday cheer with the help of 15 members of the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra.

“I give my Marie Osmond Good Housekeeping stamp of approval that people will leave with the holiday spirit, I guarantee it,” she said. “When you have strings and horns and all these amazing players, the music just comes alive. The sound of the show is going to be beautiful.”  

Osmond is no stranger to Christmas specials, having appeared on holiday shows since she was very young, starting with her famous brothers.

“I have been associated with some of the great Christmas shows, starting at age 3 with Andy Williams,” she said. “I did a Bob Hope USO Christmas show at the age of 13 and did many of those; I did a Donny & Marie Christmas, Christmas in Washington, Osmond Christmases, and a lot of others besides that.”

More recently, she has starred in three Lifetime Christmas movies: “The Road Home for Christmas,” “The Christmas Edition,” and “A Fiancé For Christmas.”

This year, Osmond felt people needed something to bring back the joy, create memories with their loved ones, and have some laughter, and knew a holiday show would be the perfect recipe.

“It’s been a rough few years, and being in Las Vegas for 11 years where everyone came to me, I really felt it was time for me to go to them,” Osmond said. “I think it shows that you care about people when you come to their city, and that’s what I want to do.”

Osmond is bringing a special guest on the road with her—Broadway star (and her nephew), David Osmond, who continues in the family musical tradition. At the Ridgefield show, Osmond will perform Christmas favorites, as well as some of the most popular hits from throughout her career. She’ll even be doing some of her newest songs from her latest album, “Unexpected,” which is a mix of tunes from opera to Broadway. It’s an album that means a lot to her, and also has provided her with some bragging rights over Donny and her brothers recently.

“This last album I did strictly for fun, all recorded in Prague,” Osmond said. “Every song has a reason for why I recorded it, and the album debuted No. 1., and it’s been in the top 10 for 24 weeks. My brothers keep saying, ‘Marie, you kicked our butts,’ but I’m not competitive (laughs).”

This year, Osmond will spend Christmastime with her family at Disney World, performing at their candlelight ceremony, the first time she’s ever worked on Christmas Day.

“I’ll have my kids and grandchildren with me, and it’s going to be really fun,” she said. “I love that we all try to be together this time of year. We open our pajamas on Christmas Eve, we do a gift exchange, and my siblings might do a white elephant. But it’s not about the gifts. This time is special because you’re with your family and friends.”

But before making the trip to Orlando, Osmond will be enjoying the few weeks of touring for the Christmas show and invites everyone to come celebrate the season with her.

“People are going to laugh and cry, we’re going to have fun; I love my audiences and I am very interactive,” Osmond said. “There’s something for everyone.”