Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center looks ahead to the new year

This year’s signature milestone for Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center was the ribbon cutting for the new Visitor Center on July 4th with a record crowd in attendance. This was a watershed moment in our institutional history made possible by the steadfast support and unstinting generosity of our members, donors, state and local grantors, and the community at large. We are truly grateful to the many individuals and town organizations that helped us along the way.

A Connecticut state grant is partially funding the renovation of the lower level at the Visitor Center for a state-of-art archival collections storage and research facility to store the museum’s collection of some 10,000 pieces of artifacts, primary source documents, works of art, as well as the Hartmann collection of photographic glass plates. There’s a planned opening for spring 2020; public hours will be by appointment with the curatorial staff.

Our educational offerings continue to grow at an impressive rate. Connecting young people to our history helps them to understand the ways in which our present is shaped by our past, engaging them in something larger than themselves. With K-12 grade educators, we continue to develop unique lesson plans that enhance and complement their curriculum. And, we don’t shy away from addressing controversial and hard topics around race, gender, privilege and opportunity.

We continue to depend on scores of volunteers to run many of our successful fundraisers, including the Fall Party and Christmas Luncheons. Ridgefield has an incredible pool of volunteer energy that power the many non-profits in town, including KTM&HC. We hope to be able to tap into this energy again next year as we seek to enrich our community through the lessons of history and civics.

Hildegard Grob