Acoustic Celebration welcomes Pierce Pettis

Songwriter Pierce Pettis will perform at the Acoustic Celebration concert at St. Stephen’s Church in downtown Ridgefield Sunday, Oct. 20.

Pettis, who is touring with David Webb after his new release “Father’s Son” earlier this year, will perform at the church’s north hall at 4 p.m.

“Sometimes I have to stop listening to a Pierce Pettis track halfway through because he makes me want to give up on songwriting. Pierce is a master musical storyteller, delivering human truth and heartbreaking vulnerability with every tune,” said Justin Paul, the writer and composer of “LaLaLand” and “Dear Evan Hansen. “He’s also an unnecessarily virtuosic guitarist with the voice of some beautiful angel… All of it completely unfair.”

Sing Out Magazine’s critic concurs.

“Pierce Pettis doesn’t write mere songs, he writes literature,” the magazine said. “End to end the songwriting is brilliant.”

In addition to Webb, Pettis will be performing with Michael Bolton’s percussionist, Drew McKeon and a bass player from New York.

Tickets are $20 ($25 at the door) and are available at

The church is located at 351 Main Street.