1,800-pound giant pumpkin wins top prize at Ridgefield festival

The seventh annual Ridgefield Giant Pumpkin Weighoff was held on Sunday, Sept. 29 in Ballard Park.

Pumpkin and giant vegetable growers from across the region brought their Atlantic Giant pumpkins, giant green squash, long gourds and tomatoes.

The giant pumpkin category had entries from four states, including New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

As the pumpkins were weighed in the order of lowest estimated weight, the team entry of Ed Giarusso and Scott Marley took the lead over Dan Wagner’s 1,318.5-pound entry.

Giarusso and Marley’s Atlantic Giant pumpkin — grown in and transported from Prudence Island, R.I. —weighed in at 1,635 pounds, exceeding the estimated size by almost 100 pounds.

But there was still one entry to go.

Gary Vincent from Plainville had the final entry with his estimated weight being very close to the leader’s actual.

The Vincent pumpkin hit the scale and to the surprise of the crowd and especially Vincent, it exceeded its estimate by almost 200 pounds. The final weight for the first place pumpkin was posted at 1,849 pounds.

Here’s a results scoreboard from the weighoff:

Atlantic Giant Pumpkin

1. 1,849 lbs. —Gary Vincent of Plainville.

2. 1,635 lbs. — Scott Marley and Ed Giarusso of Prudence Island, R.I.

3. 1,318.5 lbs. — Dan Wagner of Mifflinburg, Pa.

4. 1,013.5 lbs. — Tony Scott of Wappingers Falls, N.Y.

5. 936 lbs. — Zach Scott of Wappingers Falls, N.Y.

6. 927.5 lbs. —Steve Maydan of Ridgefield.

Green Squash

1. 1,109 lbs. —Joe Jutras of Scituate, R.I.

2. 584.5 lbs. —Steve Maydan of Ridgefield.

Long Gourds

1. 131 inches —Joe Jutras of Scituate, R.I.

2. 96 inches —Steve Maydan of Ridgefield

3. 87.5 inches — Ken Carlson of Danbury.


1. 2.2 lbs. — Ken Carlson of Danbury.