Capital items: Schools ask for $1.6 million in infrastructure improvements

The school security network is so old school officials worry a hardware failure could delay a police officer’s ability to enter the high school or Scotts Ridge Middle School — or might keep the district’s new array of security cameras from storing their digital tapes. Updating the security network is the second-highest priority on the list of capital improvement projects … read more

Board to discuss school start times Monday

Later school start times are back on the agenda for the Monday, Dec. 10, Board of Education meeting. Chairwoman Margaret Stamatis said the board will discuss a busing scenario that will return the schools to a three-tier bus system. Under that scenario, five of the elementary schools would start first at 8 a.m. — about 35 minutes later than the … read more

Letter: Not hiring Santarsiero is a great loss for Scotland Elementary

Recently, the Scotland Elementary School community learned Mr. Santarsiero, our interim principal, was not hired to remain on as full-time principal. I’m completely shocked, as Mr. Santarsiero wanted this position, applied for this position, and has proven himself in this position — working so diligently these last few months while in the capacity of interim. SES has gone through so … read more

Dodgeball tournament raises money for Special Olympics

Ridgefield High School sports marketing students held the first annual Dodge a Cop tournament at RHS on Monday, Nov. 19. All proceeds raised from the tournament went to the CT Special Olympics. Eleven teams competed in the dodgeball tournament, including two teams of teachers, over 70 students, and six Ridgefield police officers. First prize included tickets to a New York … read more

RHS winter concert to feature two orchestras, two bands

The Ridgefield High School music department’s winter concert will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 12 at 7 p.m. Three award-winning ensembles — symphonic orchestra, concert choir, and wind ensemble — will be performing. In addition, two newly established ensembles, concert orchestra and concert band, will take the stage for the first time. The main orchestra theme is “Bach to Basics,” … read more

Stamatis elected as school board chair

Secretary Margaret Stamatis was unanimously elected as the new chairwoman of the Board of Education Monday, Nov. 26. She replaces Fran Walton, who has served as chair for the past three years, and will continue to serve as a regular board member. “I am honored — it’s a little daunting,” Stamatis told The Press, “but I look forward to serving … read more

Lower enrollments reduce number of elementary school teachers

Fewer students are enrolling in Ridgefield’s nine public schools, which means the schools have eight fewer elementary school teachers than there were five years ago. The average number of elementary students in any given class is relatively small — out of 102 classes, only two are filled to the maximum capacity set by the school board — so there’s less … read more

Six speakers reject school board’s plan for later start times

A sea of red shirts, coats, and sweaters — worn by parents and residents in opposition to the district’s plan to implement later start times at Ridgefield High School next fall — greeted the Board of Education at its meeting Monday, Nov. 26. Six people spoke, all of them against changing start times from the current system. The group, which … read more

Petition against start times takes aim at potential cost

Parents opposed to the start school later initiative have petitioned to have the plan thrown out, arguing against the potential cost to Ridgefield taxpayers.  As of 3 p.m. Monday, Nov. 26, the petition has gathered 448 signatures.  “As a senior citizen I am begging that you not increase our taxes any more…use the money to improve the education of our … read more

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