Rep. Frey wants to prohibit elected officials from receiving state pension

State Rep. John Frey (R-111) is seeking to relieve Connecticut of a massive burden to its state budget by proposing two bills that will address the massive costs of state employee pensions that have increased exponentially each year.  The first, H.B. 6087, would ensure that state employees’ pensions are based only on stated income.  The second, H.B. 6292, would eliminate … read more

Sen. Boucher proposes legislation to improve special education

State Senator Toni Boucher (R-26) said Tuesday, Jan. 31, that three bills she proposed would help improve the quality of special education for students and teachers in Connecticut. “Special education teachers have incredibly challenging jobs,” Sen. Boucher said. “The bills I have proposed will create a better environment for both teachers and students so that all special education students will … read more

Letter: Boucher’s letter is standard GOP fare

To the Editor: It is good local politics for state Sen. Boucher to challenge Gov. Malloy’s suggestion that small towns “can bail out” larger cities in the state. She panders to the egos of her constituents by referencing the “smaller fiscally responsible towns” and stereotypes larger cities as “succumbing to decades of bad decision-making.” Finally, she accuses the governor of … read more

Democratic Town Committee to interview candidates Feb. 9

The Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee will interview candidates to fill a vacancy on the committee for the remainder of the 2016–18 term.   The process is open to Ridgefield residents who are registered Democrats. Interviews will be conducted at the regular DTC meeting Thursday, Feb. 9, in the small conference room on the lower level of Town Hall at 8 … read more

Frey pushes for elimination of Social Security tax

State Rep. John Frey (R-111) introduced legislation to the Connecticut General Assembly that would exempt all social security income and pension benefits from the state income tax. As a member of the Assembly’s Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee, Rep. Frey will play a significant role in advocating the passage of the bill (HB6381). Connecticut is one of 14 states that … read more

Letter: Small towns can’t bail out bankrupt cities

To the Editor: During his State of the State speech and at other recent appearances, Gov. Malloy has talked about the need to take actions to prevent Connecticut’s largest municipalities from entering into bankruptcy. While I agree that no one wants to see these cities take such drastic actions, I cannot agree with the administration’s approach saying that smaller communities … read more

RTC seeks candidates for open zoning commission seat

The Ridgefield Republican Town Committee seeking resumes from interested individuals to be interviewed for the RTC recommendation to the Planning & Zoning Commission for consideration by P&Z as a replacement for an open seat created by a resignation. The candidate must be a registered Ridgefield Republican and if selected will serve until November 2019. Deadline for RTC interviews is Thursday, Feb. … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Finally! Balance and progress

An historic session of the Connecticut General Assembly has begun under a new agreement between Republicans and Democrats to cooperatively manage the State Senate. As a result, for the first time since 1893, Senate Republicans are no longer the minority party and Senator Toni Boucher now holds the title of Chief Deputy Senate Republican Majority Leader, which brings her more … read more

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