Senator Boucher announces plan to restore education funding

State Senator Toni Boucher (R-26) announced Tuesday, Feb. 7, that legislators have a plan to restore nearly $20 million in education money that Governor Dannel Malloy cut midyear from funding promised to municipalities. The proposal also eliminates the projected budget deficit for the current fiscal year. “When we passed the state budget, we made a promise to each community that … read more

Letter: We have a problem

To the Editor: Ladies and gentlemen of our new cabinet — you, and we, have a problem, a big problem. Last Friday’s precipitous executive immigration/travel ban has caused so much difficulty that our country’s reputation has been severely tarnished. It is also highly possible that worldwide negative reaction will actually increase, not decrease, the possibility of danger in our future. … read more

Letter: What’s truth, what’s fiction under Donald Trump?

To the Editor: Even though Donald Trump has obtained his goal of becoming our American president, he has not curtailed his campaign rhetoric of accusing the election results, press coverage, news commentators, National Park Service, CIA, and just about anyone else who does not agree with his point of view as “fake” information. The current “fake” information continues to come … read more

State’s spending cap may have a short life

The Connecticut State Capitol Building in Hartford.

Blamed and bemoaned, the 2.5% municipal spending cap that’s been frustrating town and school officials across the state may be headed for history’s scrap heap of abandoned ideas. Gov. Dannel Malloy announced Tuesday that “mandate relief for cities and towns” would be a centerpiece of the state budget he presents next week, and issued a list of “mandate relief proposals” … read more

Rep. Frey wants to prohibit elected officials from receiving state pension

State Rep. John Frey (R-111) is seeking to relieve Connecticut of a massive burden to its state budget by proposing two bills that will address the massive costs of state employee pensions that have increased exponentially each year.  The first, H.B. 6087, would ensure that state employees’ pensions are based only on stated income.  The second, H.B. 6292, would eliminate … read more

Sen. Boucher proposes legislation to improve special education

State Senator Toni Boucher (R-26) said Tuesday, Jan. 31, that three bills she proposed would help improve the quality of special education for students and teachers in Connecticut. “Special education teachers have incredibly challenging jobs,” Sen. Boucher said. “The bills I have proposed will create a better environment for both teachers and students so that all special education students will … read more

Letter: Boucher’s letter is standard GOP fare

To the Editor: It is good local politics for state Sen. Boucher to challenge Gov. Malloy’s suggestion that small towns “can bail out” larger cities in the state. She panders to the egos of her constituents by referencing the “smaller fiscally responsible towns” and stereotypes larger cities as “succumbing to decades of bad decision-making.” Finally, she accuses the governor of … read more

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