Letter: Trump is changing the definition of word ‘disaster’

To the Editor: The word “disaster” used to mean “a dire or catastrophic incident causing harm or tragedy to many people.” Some of the disasters that have harmed the American people in recent history include the financial crisis of 2008; the lack of health insurance for millions of people; the poisoning of some of our water supply and air; the … read more

Opioid crisis faces new threat: Repeal of Affordable Care Act

Four million people could lose life-saving treatment if government officials take back Medicaid expansion and eliminate health benefits in the Affordable Care Act, which requires mental health and addiction coverage.

The prevention community is confronting a new threat in the quest to halt the opioid epidemic that has exploded nationwide: President Donald Trump’s vow to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Gary Mendell, founder of Shatterproof, a nonprofit formed to end the devastation that addiction causes substance users and their families, was recently quoted in a Wall Street Journal … read more

Selectmen look to eliminate or consolidate town positions

Town employee positions will fall under scrutiny — and maybe the budget axe — as the selectmen seek to hold down town spending in the coming 2017-18 budget. A focus on “positions we can eliminate” was raised by Selectmen Bob Hebert at the board’s first budget meeting Monday night. “Looking at positions,” Hebert said to First Selectman Rudy Marconi, “the … read more

Governor’s budget would mean $4.4-million hit to town

A coalition of the rich and angry? Towns holding back taxes collected for the state? Ridgefield’s selectmen were talking about it. Aghast at a nearly $4.4-million hit that Ridgefield would take next year under Governor Dannel Malloy’s proposed budget, the Board of Selectmen sketched out a three-part plan to fight back against what they see as an unfair targeting of wealthier … read more

Senator Boucher announces plan to restore education funding

State Senator Toni Boucher (R-26) announced Tuesday, Feb. 7, that legislators have a plan to restore nearly $20 million in education money that Governor Dannel Malloy cut midyear from funding promised to municipalities. The proposal also eliminates the projected budget deficit for the current fiscal year. “When we passed the state budget, we made a promise to each community that … read more

Letter: We have a problem

To the Editor: Ladies and gentlemen of our new cabinet — you, and we, have a problem, a big problem. Last Friday’s precipitous executive immigration/travel ban has caused so much difficulty that our country’s reputation has been severely tarnished. It is also highly possible that worldwide negative reaction will actually increase, not decrease, the possibility of danger in our future. … read more

Letter: What’s truth, what’s fiction under Donald Trump?

To the Editor: Even though Donald Trump has obtained his goal of becoming our American president, he has not curtailed his campaign rhetoric of accusing the election results, press coverage, news commentators, National Park Service, CIA, and just about anyone else who does not agree with his point of view as “fake” information. The current “fake” information continues to come … read more

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