Rep. Frey’s bill to establish cultural districts passes

Legislation originally proposed by State Rep. John Frey (R-111) to allow municipalities to create designated cultural districts to create awareness and promote economic development unanimously passed the House of Representatives on Tuesday, May 21. “I’m pleased this important measure passed the House and I am hopeful the Senate and the governor will follow suit and sign this pro-business, pro-community legislation … read more

Column: Nonpartisanship for a stronger Ridgefield

Something exciting is in the air in Ridgefield. Over the past couple of years, some residents have been putting partisanship aside to support pro-Ridgefield issues. Ridgefielders who have become increasingly concerned with the planning and preservation of the town are gathering to identify and support pro-Ridgefield candidates for the November 2019 election. Last fall’s overwhelming referendum vote to split the … read more

Republican Town Committee to honor Boucher, Heiser

The Ridgefield Republican Town Committee will honor former State Sen. Toni Boucher and former Ridgefield Board of Finance member Marty Heiser on Friday, May 10, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., at St. Mary’s Hall, 183 High Ridge Ave., Ridgefield. The event includes appetizers at 6:30 p.m. and dinner at 7 p.m. Beer and wine will be available. Cost is $75/person … read more

Democratic View: Fiscal sanity and infrastructure

There is broad expert, public, and political consensus that Connecticut’s transportation infrastructure is deteriorating at an alarming rate and requires urgent, substantial modernization to ensure that everyone who uses our roads or rides our rails is safe. Connecticut has more than 300 bridges that are structurally deficient, and nearly a third were built before 1950. On the Metro-North Railroad’s New … read more

Hands Off Our Schools forms political action committee

Hands Off Our Schools has launched an independent expenditure political action committee with the goal of raising money to advocate for local decision-making in education for all school districts within Connecticut. “Forced school regionalization does not improve our children’s education. It does not save taxpayers money and it hurts our communities,” said Chris DeMuth Jr., one of the organizers of … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Is Connecticut at a tipping point?

Taxes are a necessary evil. They are the cost of running our government. However, raising taxes too much ultimately reduces the total value received. Many economists believe the paradox that the more you tax, after a certain point, the less total revenue you collect thus reaching a tipping point. Legislators should consider “How many taxes are too many; have we … read more

Zoning commission looks to fill vacant Republican seat

Bob Cascella has resigned from the Planning and Zoning Commission, Chairwoman Rebecca Mucchetti announced Tuesday, March 26. “My reason for resigning had to do with conflict between what I do for a living and the large number of property owners who I represent, who also come before the commission,” Cascella told The Press. Cascella is a partner at Grove Street … read more

Democratic View: Reminder: Warranted mistrust

In December this column warned, “As Gov.-elect Lamont initiates programs to accelerate repair of Connecticut finances and economy, view Republican criticisms with the extreme mistrust they warrant.” Connecticut Republicans continue to deceive, subverting public discourse about problems and solutions into crude efforts to generate fear, instill cynicism, and misinform. Gov. Malloy was the first governor in decades to reduce state … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Important updates from Hartford

There is no doubt about it, the future of Connecticut’s prosperity is in danger. Elections have consequences and, unfortunately, we are seeing that play out every day. In just two short months, our newly-elected governor and the Democratic-controlled legislature are promoting to: 1) Force school districts to regionalize; 2) Increase or implement taxes in a number of areas and; 3) … read more

Ridgefield Voters United: New group aims to protect neighborhoods from commercial development

With the Planning and Zoning Commission and Inland Wetlands Board separating in eight months, Ridgefield will have a new group of elected officials deciding on applications that impact development in town. And when that split happens, Ridgefield Voters United (RVU) will be ready to offer candidates to voters. The new citizens group, which formed in February, aims to protect residential … read more

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