Letter: School maintenance debate doesn’t need to be ugly

To the Editor: The debate on school maintenance has sparked some heated dialogue. What now should be done is to move past the finger pointing stage and work toward solutions. One suggestion is to form an ad-hoc building committee. The committee makeup would be one representative from the Board of Selectmen, the BOE, the person in charge of maintenance for … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Call to action

In our last column we urged all Ridgefield residents to pay close attention to what is going on in Hartford. We used tolls as one example of Democratic policies being advanced that will hurt residents of Ridgefield and Connecticut. Since that article was written, the Democrats have put forward legislation and initiatives that will: Force Ridgefield and towns like ours … read more

Letter: Myths of a ‘bustling’ downtown

To the Editor: Things are repeated so often, we all begin to accept them as gospel truths. “We are an arts destination. They are flocking to our beautiful downtown. The economic development is everywhere.” Let’s look at that one. We opened the Playhouse. Restaurants opened. Restaurants closed. We opened The Prospector. Restaurants opened. Restaurants closed. We opened ACT. We now … read more

Letter: Large solar arrays change the character of neighborhoods

To the Editor: I am writing in reference to the Canterbury Lane solar arrays article from last week’s Ridgefield Press. I attended the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting on January 28 and my recollection of the meeting is very different than what was reported. Almost everyone who spoke was in favor of solar energy. Not just 10 people as reported. … read more

Giving Thanks: Special Olympics Ridgefield receives the gift of dance and more

To the Editor: On behalf of Special Olympics Ridgefield and our athletes, a sincere thank you goes out to Jean Cobelli, the Enchanted Garden Studios and her incredible talented dancers. We appreciate your generosity of the Gift of Dance and choosing Special Olympics Ridgefield as the recipient of all proceeds and sponsorships from the 17th annual December performance of the “Nuts about … read more

Letter: Parks and Recreation wants to help pickleball community

To the Editor: There are opinions written in the news about the Ridgefield Pickleball fees. The fees were raised, the pickleball community made objections to the amount the fees were raised, the Ridgefield Parks and Recreation directors and board members open the doors to hear the complaints and followed up with lowering the fees. They are still looking at ways … read more

Democratic View: Support victims of violence

Connecticut has numerous statutes related to domestic violence and sexual assault, in order to keep victims safe and hold offenders accountable. With the new legislative session underway, the Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee supports strengthening statutes and administrative policy that assist domestic violence and sexual assault survivors to have safe, stable lives. The changes supported here are also supported by the … read more

Letter: Ridgefield Tree Committee still needs your help

To the Editor: The Ridgefield Tree Committee is still seeking assistance from interested town residents in accomplishing two initiatives. Please note: the Town Hall meeting originally scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019 has been postponed indefinitely, as the upcoming project to renovate Main Street traffic pattern/turn lanes/parking etc. has been delayed. The construction project will necessitate a new plan for … read more

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