Letter: New government


To the Editor: Thus far in the 2019 CT General Assembly session over 3,700 bills have been introduced. That is over double the number introduced for the 2018 session, with 208 completed. The number completed has been in the range of 200-300 in the past nine years (legiscan.com/CT). The majority of introduced bills will never make it out of committee … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Is Connecticut at a tipping point?

Taxes are a necessary evil. They are the cost of running our government. However, raising taxes too much ultimately reduces the total value received. Many economists believe the paradox that the more you tax, after a certain point, the less total revenue you collect thus reaching a tipping point. Legislators should consider “How many taxes are too many; have we … read more

Letter: Where’s the justification for pickleball price hike?

To the Editor: The proposal by Parks and Recreation to force pickleball players into a wellness membership at a fourfold increase in cost is stunning. Pickleball players who have chosen recreation membership do not want or need the gym, pool or deluxe lockers. Basketball players continue to be offered the old recreation membership, which is blatantly unfair. It is my … read more

Letter: Wetlands and flood zones

Evening shadows engulfed the northern and western shores of Lake Mamanasco late Tuesday as afternoon sunlight still caught the eastern shore with Richardson Park’s cliffs. The Mamanasco Lake Improvement Fund’s plan for cleaning the north end of muck, visible in the foreground, was approved by the Inland Wetlands Board on Tuesday night. Story inside. —Macklin Reid photo

To the Editor: With warmer weather in sight, we are approaching the time of year when homeowners and businesses start making plans to undertake outdoor landscaping projects, home improvements, and property repairs, etc. While it is understood that individuals have the right to enhance their properties in these and other ways, it is also necessary and incumbent upon the individual, … read more

Editorial: Taking on green energy rules

Green energy, leafy town, let’s make it work.  Green energy regulations should start with society’s need — no, the world’s need — for less voracious fossil fuel burning and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and then balance those larger goals with a residential community’s desire to maintain neighborhood aesthetics.  It’s a tough task. And there’s no boxed set of prewritten regulations … read more

Letter: Thrift Shop honors the Land Conservancy of Ridgefield with a $5,000 Donation

  To the Editor: The Land Conservancy (LC) of Ridgefield, Inc., is extremely thankful to the Thrift Shop for their very generous and much needed donation of $5000 to the general-purpose fund.  The LC will use the donation to maintain, in their natural state and per the donor’s wishes, various beautiful properties that have been donated to the LC over … read more

Letter: Let’s talk zero waste

To the Editor: Zero waste refers to planning approaches which emphasize waste prevention as opposed to end-of-use waste management. While this maybe a lofty goal, I think we can all admit a little waste reduction can go a long way. So here is a quick and easy no-guilt guide. First, try to buy unpackaged versions of your regular purchases. For … read more

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