Letter: Lights hurt wildlife

To the Editor: According to an article on the International Dark Sky Association’s website, light pollution and artificial light — like the 40-foot towers proposed for the winter “club” — trick nocturnal animals into believing night is day, often with disastrous consequences. It can disrupt countless vital behaviors, including mating, migrating, navigating, reproducing, finding food, sleeping, and self-defense. It can … read more

Letter: Haskell supports pension sustainability

Will Haskell

To the Editor: I would like to correct a note of misinformation in last week’s letter by William Jaeger, who stated it is not a priority of Senator-elect Haskell to address Connecticut’s pension liabilities. Haskell said throughout his campaign that he would fight for fiscal sustainability. He has always been a vocal supporter of implementing the Legacy Obligation Trust Model … read more

Letter: Gender studies class is open to all

To the Editor This is a response to the decision to offer a gender studies course at Ridgefield High School in the 2019-20 school year. I am concerned about Tracey O’Connor’s response to the proposal that classes should serve everyone, not just a minority. Not once did Dr. Stacey Gross say the class would only be open to “minorities.” This … read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is the one holiday that provides instructions for its celebration right in the name. While it has morphed into one of football’s High Holy Days, it remains one of America’s best occasions for a true family meal. The level of gratitude for that meal varies by family and the amount of political banter your mom allows at the table. … read more

Letter: Who should pay the new sewer plant utility bill?

To the Editor: The new sewer plant has been approved but with thousands of Ridgefield voters saying no to this expenditure. I am opposed to having residential homeowners with septic systems (my septic system cost $30,000) pay anything for this sewer plant and its operation. This clearly is a utility bill for homeowners without a septic system and for commercial … read more

Democratic View: All American holiday

Although special days of thanksgiving have been common in most religions and cultures for millennia, Thanksgiving in the United States is a uniquely unifying American tradition. Prior to the American Revolution, days of thanksgiving were primarily proclaimed by New England church leaders in response to local or regional abundance. President George Washington designated Nov. 26, 1789, as the first national … read more

Letter: Are we really still talking about this?

To the Editor: Facts from a “School Start Times” article in both the online version of the Ridgefield Press dated 11/2/18 and the printed version on 11/8/18: Both the 2013 & 2018 board surveys showed parents, students and staff clearly aligned against moving start times. Dr. Miller, who was tapped to head the later start time project by the board, … read more

Editorial: Moving time

All this could be yours. The Ridgefield Press building, 16 Bailey Avenue, is on the market. —Press photo

Last month, The Press announced it had been acquired by Hearst Connecticut Media Group. This week marks the next evolution in that process as our staff transitions out of the paper’s headquarters at 16 Bailey Avenue — its home for the last eight decades — into a second-floor office space at 345 Main Street in Danbury. While it’s undoubtedly sad … read more

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