Letter: Is our town meeting needs of the disabled?

Parking in a handicapped spot without a proper permit displayed can lead to a hefty fine. —Press photo

To the Editor: Ridgefield is renowned for the charm of its tree-lined village, but its real beauty lies in the town’s neighborly thoughtfulness. That’s why we were stunned to hear that most of the 50 or so persons at a recent Town Hall meeting on the Americans with Disabilities Act felt Ridgefield is not meeting its obligations. The belief gained … read more

Letter: ‘Violation’ hearing was ‘public’ hearing

To the Editor: The Dec. 29 Ridgefield Press article “Long-running wetlands dispute to get hearing” quotes Wetland Board Chairwoman Rebecca Mucchetti as stating, “This is not a public hearing, this is a violation hearing. It’s a slightly different standard of review and public input.”   In 2013, I reported that someone was blocking and diverting a stream away from my … read more

Letter: Coach says thanks for football support

Kevin Callahan

To the Editor: I would like to share with the Ridgefield community a heartfelt thank-you from the Ridgefield High School football program. We were very fortunate to have an awesome collection of young men, especially seniors, this year that went through the tough times of being 2-9 as sophomores then 7-2 as juniors (under the leadership of coach Joe Arcieri), … read more

Letter: Let’s organize women’s march on Main Street

To the Editor: Given Ridgefield’s proud history of social action, early feminism (Alice Paul) and feminist second wavers, four buses are taking Ridgefielders to Washington, D.C., for the Jan. 21 women’s march. For those who can’t make the trip, how about our town having a local march in solidarity with D.C.? I’d do it, but am in St. Petersburg, Fla., … read more

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