Letter: U.S. refugees are meticulously vetted and safe

To the Editor: Trump and Ryan are wrong to say we know “nothing about refugees coming to the U.S.” First of all, most refugees want to return home when conditions permit. UNHCR accepts only 1% of those who want to resettle elsewhere. If U.S. applicants, then Homeland Security verifies identities, fingerprints, iris-scans, and background checks for criminal and political activity, … read more

Founders Hall: A photo tour of China

In 1979, before China opened its borders to tourism, Doug and Kathy Coombs were offered the trip of a lifetime — a tour of China with an expatriate couple who had lived and worked there. Cameras in hand, they traveled by air, rail, boat, and road for three weeks, photographing renowned sites like the Great Wall and the famed terra … read more

Letter: Our sincerest gratitude following loss of our son

To the Editor: On behalf of the entire Masters family we would like to thank the generous, kind and compassionate outpouring of affection and generosity from friends, neighbors and folks all over town this last week in response to the loss of our son. In our darkest moments, we were engulfed in the goodness of Ridgefield and our small-town community. … read more

Letter: We have a problem

To the Editor: Ladies and gentlemen of our new cabinet — you, and we, have a problem, a big problem. Last Friday’s precipitous executive immigration/travel ban has caused so much difficulty that our country’s reputation has been severely tarnished. It is also highly possible that worldwide negative reaction will actually increase, not decrease, the possibility of danger in our future. … read more

Editorial: Burning light

Vigils, postcards, marches — even monetary donations and offers to volunteer to help a local refugee family — Ridgefielders are engaged in protecting those oppressed by the recent executive orders coming out of the Oval Office. And that’s a good thing. It’s not a time to be asleep. While some will try to rationalize what’s happening in Washington and others … read more

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