GOP Viewpoint: Deregulation

Editor’s note: Betsy McCaughey Ph.D. was a former lieutenant governor of New York state. If you want to start a business, the World Bank says you’d do better to move to Canada than setting up shop in the U.S., where mind-numbing government regulations smother entrepreneurs. That was true, anyway, before Donald Trump became president. In his address to Congress, Trump … read more

Battle Apron: Remember Bradley Dean this April 27

Battle of Ridgefield

Editor’s note: This is the first of eight columns provided to The Press in lead-up to The Battle of Ridgefield re-enactment Saturday, April 29. On this coming April 27, Ridgefielder Bradley Dean will have been dead for 240 years. So will at least 13 other patriots who perished that day in 1777 defending our town against an invading British army … read more

Thrift Shop: Mirror, mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the best thrift shop of all? The Ridgefield Thrift Shop. If you don’t believe me, come ask our mirrors. We have two oval wall mirrors from which to choose: a delicate one about 14 inch long with an etched flower border, and an 18-inch-long one framed in a rustic gold Italian design. Whatever your … read more

Editorial: All for one and one for …

The issue of a combined police and fire headquarters isn’t new to town, but this week it came to a head with the Police Commission presenting a case for why the two departments needed separate structures. Among the reasons given to the selectmen: juveniles, domestic violence, sexual assaults, and court mandates. Basically, police need their privacy. And that’s a fine … read more

Letter: Living in America

To the Editor: I am writing a book entitled “Living in America” and hope to complete it soon. I am proud to state that right from my dorm life in Oakland, Calif., from 1985 where I earned an MBA degree, I have seen kindness, generosity and qualities akin to the “Good Samaritan” law which embodies both. However, the recent incidents … read more

Founders Hall: Spring offers history, painting, nature, more

Registration for spring semester, which begins on March 27, is due on March 13. The new semester offers several classes to help you better understand the world by studying both current and historical issues. If those issues cause angst, relax in the new painting therapy class. There is also a new acrylics painting class for beginners. Art lovers and nature … read more

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