Editorial: Main Street concerns

Emotions run high whenever Main Street — its tree-lined beauty, its inviting sidewalks, its eclectic business community — is perceived as under threat. And that’s how some folks view the traffic flow improvement project under discussion with the state Department of Transportation. The proposals state officials have presented to a local committee that’s working with them — turning lanes added, … read more

Recreation Notes: Feel-good workshops

You are invited to a workshop on Trigger Point Therapy presented by Dr. Christopher Mascetta on Thursday, Feb. 9, from noon to 1 at the Ridgefield Recreation Center. Come learn what pressure points are and how and why they develop. You will also learn how to locate a pressure point, as well as techniques for treating them, including a portion … read more

Letter: Words about addiction — written or spoken — will save lives

To the Editor: Thank you to the Ridgefield Press for their candid article about the tragic overdose death of Dave Anderson. We would like to express our condolences to the Anderson family, and thank them for their courage in sharing their story with our community. All too often the stigma gets in the way of the truth of the pain … read more

Paccadolmi honors awarded

The 2016 Paccadolmi Awards were given out on Dec. 4 during a special holiday gathering of library supporters and friends. The awards are named in honor of Phyllis Paccadolmi, Miss P to the generations of Ridgefielders she knew during more than five decades with the Ridgefield Library. This year’s honorees are Ellen Burns and Darwin Ellis, owners of Books on … read more

Keeler Notes: What’s in a name?

When is a tavern not a tavern? The answer: when it’s actually a museum. From our very beginning in 1966 as Keeler Tavern Museum, and despite strenuous efforts, people have shorthanded the name, leaving out the “museum” part. One result: We still receive occasional calls inquiring about dinner reservations, something this establishment hasn’t been able to accommodate for well over … read more

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