Giving Thanks: Thank you for Young Writers’ Conference participation

To the Editor: As chair of the 2017 Young Writers’ Conference, I extend my sincerest gratitude to everyone involved in making this year’s conference a great success. On Saturday, March 18, we held our annual Young Writers’ Conference for children grades third to fifth. In total 294 students enrolled, seven schools represented, 20 presenters teaching 51 workshop sessions, and 61 … read more

Letter: Ridgefield has seen an enrollment decline, but an increase in staff

To the Editor: The Board of Education is demanding a 3.48% budget increase on top of the 4.99% increase they received last year. They got to 3.48% even though it is over the new state-mandated limit of 2.5% by playing the special education card. The BoE loves to compare Ridgefield to the other towns in our reference group, known as … read more

Letter: Who wins if Obamacare is repealed?

To the Editor: We’ve heard VP Pence and others crow about the county-level map of the U.S. that shows Trump outperformed Romney and easily defeated Clinton on the basis of “area covered” (84% of 3,112 counties) whereas more frequently cited statistics are the 57% of 538 electoral votes or 46.1% of 136.6 million popular votes they garnered. Now that the … read more

Founders Hall: Privacy paradox

If asked, most of us would say that we value our privacy. Yet when it comes to our increasingly electronic lives, we don’t always behave accordingly. We download apps without reading the fine print in the privacy policies, we happily use frequent-buyer cards that give us pennies off  but give away our shopping habits, and we leave our digital footprint … read more

Inside Education: Explaining this year’s budget

Why did the Board of Education construct the 2017-18 proposed budget differently than in previous years? The Connecticut state legislature imposed a new rule on towns this year to encourage the towns to minimize property tax increases. If towns propose a spending increase that’s more than 2.5%, the state will reduce the amount of money, the “Municipal Revenue Sharing Grant,” … read more

Editorial: Budget cramps

Numbers — some followed by percentage signs, others prefixed by dollar signs — are all the rave this week. Yep, it’s budget season. The school board played its part late last month, and the selectmen followed suit after a three-day jam session two weeks ago. The only thing left for both boards to do is stand on the sidelines as … read more

Thrift Shop: Community support for renovation

It’s taking a village for the Thrift Shop to renovate the space at 21 Governor Street, and how fortunate that our village is Ridgefield. We’ve received tremendous support from our new landlord, the Donnelly Trust. Attorney Pat Crehan represented the Thrift Shop in our lease negotiations, and Jim Coleman, commercial real estate executive, provided excellent consultation, both pro bono. Michele … read more

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