Walsh's Wonderings — Kaelie

The ending came suddenly, as it often does. The playful romps around the yard had long since been replaced with sedate examinations of rocks or dandelions, the barking with resigned acceptance. We kept hoping she’d grow stronger with medication and time. But time, like puppies, has a mind of its own. Last week, we were forced to say goodbye to … read more

Letter: Legislators didn’t talk about state problems enough at forum

To the Editor: I read with interest the comments of Bethany Agliardo concerning the March 11 meeting with the legislators. I agree with her, the representatives are personable and articulate.   However, that’s where my agreement ends.   The meeting was supposed to concentrate on the problems facing our state. Instead, the speakers spent more time reading their statements than … read more

Letter: Ridgefield representatives are personable and articulate

To the Editor: It was a packed house for the March 11 ‘Meet your legislators’ event hosted by the Ridgefield League of Women Voters. The majority in attendance expressing concern that what is happening in Washington to gut the EPA, roll back important environmental legislation, target minorities and immigrants and repeal health care will adversely affect our state.  What, if … read more

Letter: A list of good things that Trump has done for America so far

To the Editor: President Donald Trump, a sort of an enigmatic figure. One of those people who could either be ridiculously smart or ridiculously stupid. There is no absolute medium on that spectrum. Nevertheless, the crooked media that rhymes with shmee shmen shmen decides to paint Trump as a devil, when, in reality, the case is quite the opposite. Thankfully, … read more

Ridgefield Apron: The Decision

Battle of Ridgefield

Editor’s note: This is the second of eight columns provided to The Press in lead-up to the Battle of Ridgefield re-enactment Saturday, April 29. As the American Colony began to separate itself from the British Crown, the Village of Ridgefield had a decision to make: remain loyal to the crown or support the Continental Congress. A special town meeting was … read more

Hard day’s night: History trivia contest at Keeler Tavern Friday

It’ll be a hard day’s night, but you can get by with a little help from [your] friends. On Friday, March 24, beginning at 7 p.m. sharp, we’ll be hosting the Battle of Ridgefield IV — our annual history trivia contest. This year, the 240th anniversary of the first Battle of Ridgefield, we’ll be testing your Revolutionary history. And you … read more

ROARings: Adorably anxious Gunnar

Meet handsome 1-year-old Gunnar, a Weimador mix, in need of a human and dog family. While this breed mix can be large in stature, Gunnar is medium-sized. Being well-socialized, he is great with both small and large children and dogs, loves outdoor play and walks nicely on a leash. Gunnar, for unknown reasons, suffers from separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is … read more

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